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Funeral Planning

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Plan your funeral now in Geneva in 2023

Were you ever scared and worried about your funeral? Have you always had fears regarding putting your loved ones through a lot of trouble after your departure? Well, Murith Prevoyance is here to offer you ease of mind and the best options for your best, easy, and smooth last departure!

Funeral planning in Geneva in 2023 was never easier. With Murith Prévoyance all you need to do is follow

3 steps.

1. Click here to fill in our questionnaire to receive an offer.

2. We will contact you for additional informations

3. You will receive an offer as soon as possible

After you follow these 3 simple steps, we will be in touch very shortly. We will contact you to book an appointment for you with us so we can discuss all your needs and what we can offer you to make your final trip much easier.

With our esteemed team and old heritage in this field, we guarantee our customers will have the best service they could ever dream of and make the lives of their loved ones much easier after their departure.

Religions and cultures with Murith Prevoyance in Geneva 2023

Here at Murith Prevoyance, we have the most respect to all the religions and cultures of the world and our professional team offers service with a full understanding of all religions and cultures for your comfort. Once you contact our team regarding how you want your funeral to be conducted here in Geneva in 2023, we will offer you the best option for you that fits your religion, culture, and background.

Payment methods

Murith Prévoyance vous propose 2 possibilités de paiement :

1. Le versement unique

2. Le paiement échelonné

The services offered to you by Murith Prevoyance

With us you will not have to worry about planning your funeral or get anything ready and done. With us, we take care of everything for you from planning to preparing your needs and comfort for a smooth funeral and an easy good bye to your loved ones.

Also, the idea that a person would plan and prepare their funeral is the last that would come to a person’s mind. But today it is normal and more convenient to do so. With Murith Prevoyance funeral planning services, we offer to all our clients ease of mind and a smooth process for all their needs.

Burial methods at Murith Prevoyance

With a wide range of burial methods offered by us at Murith Prevoyance, we aim to serve all our clients of different religions, cultures, and backgrounds.

Today there are more than 3000 people registered for funeral planning , who trust us. Click here to complete our questionnaire and receive an offer.


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